The African students of the University of Kentucky enter into a mutual pledge to form an organization for the purpose of working together and assisting one another attain optimum intellectual, social, and cultural growth while in attendance at the University of Kentucky and have agreed to the present charter. .

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The "Constitution" by

Article 1&2


The name of the organization shall be the University of Kentucky African Student Association (UK ASA).
The goals of the organization shall be:
1. To promote social and cultural exchanges between African and non-African students on campus and the community; and
2. To provide an organized body by means of which African students can cooperate in matters of common concern to bring about closer relations with other African-related organizations, international students, the administration, and the student body; and
3. To provide education and awareness on campus about issues and events relating to African culture and politics and how they relate to the rest of the world.
4. To collaborate with other student organizations in works of service and event production.
5. no circumstances shall the African Student Association entertain discrimination against any person due to his/her race, color, religious affiliation or belief.
6. To act on other matters related to the aims and objectives as stated above.

The "Constitution" by

Article 3


Section 1: All students attending UK shall be members of the UK-ASA upon their willingness to pursue the goals of the organization and upon their payment of the membership fee.

Section 2: The membership fee shall be $20 per annum to be paid in increments of $10 per semester.

Section 3: Membership shall be recognized upon participation at UK ASA activities and subscribing to our mailing list/listserv.

Section 4: Attendance at special events: Must attend 2 events a year, and one must be a volunteer event.

Section 5: Membership shall be open to all University of Kentucky students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Section 6: Membership will consist of at least 8 UK students and will constitute more than 50% UK students.

Section 7: Some form of public recognition could be granted by the ASA Executive Board to people who have shown distinction, commitment, and an interest in the promotion of the organization’s objectives as under Article 2 (above).

The "Constitution" by

Article 4

Government of the association

Section 1. The Executive Committee Board of the association shall be comprised of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Events Coordinator, Dance Team Coordinator, Volunteering Coordinator, Soccer Coordinator and Public Relations Officer with the following functions:

President: Shall register the organization with the University of Kentucky. He or she shall call and preside at all official meetings of the association. He or she may appoint committees as he or she deems fit. Within a month after his/her election, the president, in collaboration with the Executive Committee, shall prepare a broad outline of the various activities during his/her term in office. He or she should create a clear vision for the organization. This outline, which will also contain guidelines for the execution of his or her plan, shall be approved by the Executive Committee for adoption and implementation. The President should serve as a liaison between UK-ASA and other campus organizations.

Vice-President: Shall assist the President in the discharge of his or her duties. The VP also assumes the duties of the President in the event of his or her absence or inability to complete or continue his/her term in office. The Vice President should serve as a liaison between UK-ASA and other campus organizations and helps to plan/execute activities during meetings. Vice President will also be responsible for booking all the rooms necessary for general body meetings and for taking pictures at meetings and events.

Secretary: Shall have the responsibility to record and maintain all records of the UK-ASA. Keep paper work related to UK-ASA (contracts, events, invitations from other organizations) and distribute to all members of the Executive Committee no later than two days after the event or meeting has occurred. Make and update UK-ASA calendar of events.

Treasurer: Shall have charge of the collection of dues and the disbursement of all funds of the UK-ASA and make monthly reports to the Executive Committee and at meetings on the financial state of the UK-ASA. Keep track of all monetary transactions relating to the club (receipts, invoices, DAVs). Be aware of and keep all contracts with other parties. Treasurer will also be in charge of fundraising for the club and taking care of t-shirt orders. The treasurer will serve as the primary signatory on the association’s bank account.

Public Relations Officer: Shall be responsible for providing adequate publicity of all activities of the UK-ASA. He or she is responsible for distributing press releases for all ASA sponsored events and speaking on behalf of the organization if the President is unable to do so. Assist President with all official correspondence and shall inform the members of all matters involving the UK-ASA. Keep updates on social networking sites and UK-ASA listserv email account. In the event that we do obtain a website, PR will be in charge of regulating and updating the web account.

Events Coordinator: Shall coordinate all social and cultural functions of the UK-ASA both on and off campus. Form subcommittee if needed for bigger events. Events coordinator is in charge of fundraising for Taste of Africa. Planning for Taste of Africa must begin in the fall.

Volunteer Coordinator: Shall be responsible for booking and contacting various philanthropic activities with volunteer places around the Lexington area and making sure to contact the Public Relations Officer to let members of the organization know about these events.

Soccer Coordinator: Shall be responsible for heading the ASA soccer team. He/she will be in charge of coordinating the Big Blue Cup annual soccer tournament and for any other soccer tournaments that might arise. Soccer coordinator will also be in charge of having regular practices for the ASA soccer team.

Fundraising and Collaborations Chair: Shall be in charge of the organization’s collaborations with other organizations on and off campus. He/she will also assist the Treasurer in organizing fundraisers for the association such as bake sales, restaurant nights, and putting together and sending proposals for sponsorship. This official will also serve as the secondary signatory on the association’s account.

Dance Team Coordinator: Shall be responsible for organizing and coordinating the organization’s dance team for the entire year’s activities and collaborations. He/she will be responsible for organizing dance team meetings, dance rehearsals, and also be in charge of screening members of the dance team.

Section 2. EC Board Meetings: All elected executive board members must be fully aware of their responsibilities and duties. As part of this obligation, the board must meet periodically to prepare and construct future events and meetings. All executive board members are required to inform the president of the days and times that would work best for these meetings and following a decision of times and dates, attend all executive board meetings. If valid emergencies arise to deter the member from meeting this requirement, all required duties beheld by said member must still be fulfilled. Any member that does not meet this requirement is thereby subject to losing their held position after the entire board agrees by a majority vote of 75% of all present.

The "Constitution" by

Article 5


Section 1. Elections shall be held at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the end of each spring semester. The officers shall be elected by simple majority vote by secret ballot in the following order: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations Officer, Events Coordinator, Soccer Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator, Dance Team Coordinator, and Fundraising and Collaborations Chair. Candidates for any office shall be nominated and seconded. Candidates not present on Election Day for legitimate reasons may be nominated for an office, provided that they have given consent. Elections must be announced prior to the Election Day. The same candidate cannot hold the title of officer for more than one term; a term being one school year. The current officers shall hold their positions until the end of the spring semester and the new officers shall assume their position in the summer preceding the fall semester.

Section 2. Following elections at the end of the spring semester, the new Executive Committee shall meet at least once, before the semester is over, with the current Executive Committee in order to pass on duties.

Section 3. The newly elected Executive Committee shall meet at the end of the spring semester and during the summer to set up and plan events for the fall semester for UK-ASA.

Section 4. Candidates must give a speech on Election Day and indicate their plans for the future.

Section 5. EC must have an election informational meeting at least 1 week before general body elections. Candidates must attend in order to run.

Section 6. Eligibility: Must commit to serving on the EC Board for the entire academic year Must have at least one year of undergraduate coursework remaining at UK Must be in good academic standing (minimum 3.0 GPA) Must be willing to remain committed to the goal and mission statement of the organization and to be an icon of our proud heritage

The "Constitution" by

Article 6

Appropriation and Obligation of funds

Section 1. The Executive Committee shall present a spending plan for approval by the general body prior to the beginning of each exercise.

Section 2. The Executive Committee shall appoint a spending committee whenever necessary. The spending committee shall implement all spending decisions authorized.

Section 3. The Vice President, Treasurer, and the Fundraising and Collaborations Chair shall obligate funds to the spending committee.

Section 4. No money is to be withdrawn from the organization’s account without the consent of the entire Executive Committee

The "Constitution" by

Article 7 & 8

Meetings, Sponsors and Advisors

Section 1.For any general meeting, a simple majority shall constitute a quorum.
Section 2. There shall be at least two Executive Committee meetings every month of the regular semester and at least four general meetings every regular semester

Sponsors & Advisors

Section 1. The sponsor of the UK-ASA shall be a faculty member of UK clearly showing keen interest in African affairs. Such a sponsor shall be appointed by the Executive Committee. The sponsor shall hold office for two years.

Section 2. The Executive Committee shall appoint a faculty advisor in accordance with the “Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook” in the fall semester.

Section 3. The faculty advisor will correspond primarily with the President to schedule meetings, support events, and with every need the organization will require from his/her end.

Section 4. The faculty advisor’s office address and phone number will serve as the main mailing address and phone number for the organization in his/her term as the advisor.

Section 5. The faculty advisor will be invited to sit in select executive board meeting or general body meetings as informed by the President.

Section 6. The faculty advisor will be invited to take part in discussions regarding sensitive issues which may occur, such as misappropriation of funds, executive member resignation, election, etc.

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Article 9


Section 1. Any member, accused of misconduct or violation of the UK-ASA constitution, shall lose membership of the UK-ASA. Such a case shall be examined and decided at the general meeting.

Section 2. Any officer of the Executive Committee may be impeached from office for willful and gross violation of the Constitution and bylaws, fraudulent use of funds, and clear negligence of duty.

Section 3. Such an officer may be removed from office by a two-thirds vote of the active members in a general meeting whose notice shall be given one week in advance.

Section 4. Replacement of any officer removed from office shall be done in a general meeting following the one in which impeachment proceedings take place.

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Article 10&11


Bylaws Section 1. The Executive Committee shall promulgate and approve any bylaws consistent with the provisions of this Constitution.

Amendments Section 1. Any provision of this constitution may be deleted or amended when such amendment or deletion is passed by three-fourths vote of the active members in any general meeting. Notice of such a meeting, however, shall be publicized one week in advance.

Section 3. Such an officer may be removed from office by a two-thirds vote of the active members in a general meeting whose notice shall be given one week in advance.

Section 4. Replacement of any officer removed from office shall be done in a general meeting following the one in which impeachment proceedings take place.

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